New Arrivals – The Audi R8 V10 “Competition” and “+” Models


As if it wasn’t enough to have the 2nd generation of R8 to look forward to just on the horizon, we here at the Audi sportscar experience got out hands on the fastest R8—in fact, the fastest street car— ever produced by Audi. The Audi R8 V10 Competition is here, and we love it. Combined with the V10 “+” models that have also shown up on our doorstep, we have the zenith of Audi’s first generation super cars, and now you can get your hands on them too.

Starting off with the V10 plus, we have a lighter and more powerful version of the R8 with its rear biased power distribution. The now 550hp machine can get from 0-60 in 3.3 secs, which really R8 Comp cover1shortens the straightaways at our home base of Sonoma Raceway. The speeds you attain approaching turns 7 & 11 are considerably increased, which makes sense that the extra horsepower is matched with the fabulous Carbon Ceramic brakes and the sticky rubber supplied by Pirelli. With this, you have what is called in the business “the package” available in both 6 speed and S-Tronic (our version). It’s a drive you won’t soon forget.

Now we come to the R8 V10 Competition. Once again, Audi added even more power with a daunting 570 hp that can propel this machine to 199mph (maybe a nice tail wind can help us out here), making this is the most powerful Audi R8 ever! Now we are getting to the real essence of the R8 name from it’s beginnings of a Le Mans winning prototype—this is truly a race car for the street. With only 60 available in the US, this is a very special car and a serious machine. So serious, in fact, it has been fitted with permanent front canards and large rear wing to gain some significant aerodynamic downforce which you can feel through the infamous turn 6 at Sonoma Raceway (a long fast downhill lefthander) as well as the “S’s” combination leading into turns 9 & 10, a series of turns that when done properly can turn the thrill factor to 11.

To celebrate these fantastic additions to our already amazing line up of R8 V8’s, drivers can now elect these vehicles as a special $249 supplement option to any R8 Program. Note this is for a limited time only and will be available until March 2016. To secure you seat, or modify an existing booking, please call, email or live chat us.

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