Sonoma Raceway Driving Experience




Is every autonomous vehicle operator in your charge trained to the highest possible standard? Do they know how to react when the unexpected happens? You need to know, and so does the State before they will grant a license to your driver. So the simple solution is to bring all your drivers to qualify for our Autonomous Vehicle Operator License 1 (AVOL 1).

We are based at the Sonoma Raceway in California, but provide training courses at locations throughout the country and have began providing Autonomous vehicle operator training since 2009.

Now, we’re practiced masters & can stage courses at your convenience. We can set up where you need us and scale up a training program without compromising our exacting standards. We have taken thousands of people through the Autonomous Vehicle Operator License course and can build ‘fast pipe’ solutions that can accommodate up to 90 drivers a day.

Our background lies in motorsport and corporate trackdays, so we’re experts at event management, we’re detail oriented and we make it a personal mission to get your driver through the course.

Because we live and breath complex automotive operating environments, safety is 2nd nature to our operating culture. Our cars, courses and instructors are all built around safety and it’s our number one priority every single step of the way.

We will teach them to constantly monitor the road, the car and the surroundings to make sure they are never taken by surprise and they can always react if the car doesn’t. We will also teach them to read the road ahead and be ready for trouble before it happens.