Real vs. Virtual Ep. 4: Audi R8 LMS ultra


With the new Audi R8 LMS ultra already proving a popular addition to the Simraceway showroom, we’re taking a closer look at just how much effort and expertise goes into the creation of our cars in the latest episode of our Real vs. Virtual series, recently launched on our YouTube channel. Read on to find out more.



“I’ve already learned a couple of things before we even take the real car out on the track. I know exactly what gear I should be in, what kind of entry speed I should have, where my break markers should be”, reflected a visibly-impressed James Sofronas.



The GMG Racing owner, co-founder, and driver was talking to our Head of Physics, Nico Rondet, at the Simraceway Performance Driving Center as the pair, aided by the hard-working Simraceway physics team, tuned our virtual R8 LMS ultra to behave exactly like the car Sofronas’ team had driven into battle in 2012.


Check out the video below to see how they got on.


Once you see how awesome–and closely-matched to its real-world counterpart–this race car is, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to download the Audi R8 LMS utra for a blast around the Simraceway tracks.


And remember, you can also buy it as part of the GT3 Multi-Car QR Bundle and race it against its real-world rivals on the Quick Race tracks.

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